Welcome to Lost in the Woods Boatworks!

e're a small shop out in the woods of Northern Ontario, Canada, and since 1991 have taken pride in building, repairing, and restoring all types of wooden craft. Our interest in wooden boats inspired research into early canoe designs, and in adapting those designs to the needs of contemporary paddlers. Along the way we rediscovered the advantages and fun of double-paddles and sailing rigs, and you might find them just as intriguing as we do!

Our product line includes lapstrake double-paddle canoes, which offer ultra-light weight (from only 30 lbs!), strength, durability, beauty, and outstanding performance for touring and recreational use. They are fast and easy to paddle. We also offer all kinds of sailing rigs for these canoes, and conversion kits so you can also sail your existing canoe. We ship everywhere. We also do custom building, and much of our work is still repairs and restorations of wood and wood-canvas canoes and other wooden boats.

Why wood? Besides being beautiful, wood is a renewable resource that we think is more in keeping with our enjoyment of the environment, and is a non-toxic alternative to the increasing use of toxic chemicals in recreational watercraft. It's warmer and stiffer than synthetics, smells nice, is pleasant to work with, and is quieter on the water too. And by using modern building methods, hulls are extremely light, durable and easy to care for. It's a myth that wooden boats are high maintenance!

Our catalog is available for download as an Acrobat pdf, or you can write us for a printed version for only $3.00 (please, to help us cover mailing costs). You can write us at Lost in the Woods Boatworks, RR 1, Nobel, Ontario, P0G 1G0, Canada.

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