Double-Paddle Canoes

"It is my opinion that the double-paddle canoe gives the most fun for the money of any type of boat a person can possess, and I must say that it is my favorite form of aquatic sport."

- "Sensible Cruising Designs", L. Francis Herreshoff

Our fascination with wooden boats and historic canoes, and our knowledge of state-of-the-art wood boatbuilding techniques, has led to the development of several exceptionally light, durable, and easy-to-care-for boats that reflect an appreciation for heritage designs. Despite their wooden heritage, or perhaps because of it, we think these canoes and skiffs are near the cutting edge of small craft design. There is a full range in a variety of sizes and styles. We hope you like them.

Our canoes are designed to sail as well, and we have a excellent selection of sailing rigs for all purposes and skill levels. Conversion kits are also available to convert your existing canoe for sailing.

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