Sailing Rigs

The ultimate accessory for the canoe or other small craft is a sailing rig. What paddler hasn't cursed a stong headwind, or wished for a sail with a wind from from astern? Since the 1860's, paddlers have been using sails to extend daily distances and to add another exciting dimension to their small craft.

We have a variety of different sailing rigs and accessories available for different boats and uses. All our sailing packages come complete with everything you need, including sail, spars, line, and hardware. Sails are professionally built in 4 ounce dacron sailcloth, and everything generally rolls up into bundles no longer than 8'-6" for shipping and storage.

Lugsail 45 Rig
This classic design harkens back to the original double-paddle canoes of a century ago. The lugsail features short spars and a low sailplan in a balanced arrangement that works as well upwind as off the wind. It offers the outstanding good looks of a classic sailing canoe without sacrificing anything in performance. Also available is a 12 square foot mizzen version for ketch-rigged canoes.

Voyager 30 Rig
An exceptionally good sail to learn canoe sailing, for smaller craft or lighter canoe sailors, or for regions or days with stronger winds, this lateen design offers very simple assembly and handling with good performance on all points of sail. It works well on all kinds of small craft, is very economical and comes with either aluminum or wooden spars.

CCSA 45 Rig
Similar to the Voyager 30 but larger, this loose-footed lateen design is intended for larger (16 ft or more) canoes and incorporates a luff sleeve for improved areodynamics and performance. It can be reefed to 30 sq. ft. and is available with wood or aluminum spars.

Cruiser 40 Rig
A John Bull design based on a rig he developed for a successful Atlantic canoe crossing, the Cruiser rig is designed for hard sailing and performs very well on all points of sail -- and especially well to windward. An optional furling drum allows the sail to be reefed for stronger winds. Aluminum spars only.

Custom Batwing Rigs
Our most radical rig features full battens and offers excellent performance on all points of sail. Aluminim spars only, and no reefing ability. We recommend our outriggers for this rig, and the resulting boat can look a bit like something out of the movie "Waterworld" -- a great flick for the boats if nothing else, and with a sad scene when the tri is burned... but we digress.

Outriggers add tremendously to overall stability and allow you to carry more sail area in stronger winds. We have several versions available. Serious fun, they are easily removable to convert your canoe back to a purely paddling craft.

Tripping Rig
Designed for packing on trips, this rig features a small high performance asymmetrical canoe spinnaker that permits you to sail on reaches across the wind as well as downwind. Can be rigged easily while on the water, and the sail can also be used with other rigs if you want to experiment. Made from 3/4 ounce ripstop nylon.

Parts and Equipment
Lost in the Woods Boatworks carries an extensive range of sailing hardware and various bits including all the parts we have to manufacture ourselves for canoe sailing rigs. Talk to us about your needs!

"Sail when you can, and paddle when you must!"

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